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    Lesotho Wool Center


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    Wool & Mohair Auction, Rams & Ewes

    Co-owned join venture between LNWMGA & Maseru Dawning

    we enable Basotho to export and control wool and mohair trading dynamics

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Online Auction

We have a well secured web-system that enable buyers to bit for wool and mohair across the world without travelling.

Market Sales

LWC sells to markets situated in various countries. This includes China, India, Italy and Australia.


LWC gives incentives of providing training to farmers on production, classing and veterinary issues.

Payments and Insurance

LWC gives assuarance to pay farmers average price even in times of market price recession.

Quick Support

We have qualified and indefatigable staff that is always ready to be cunsulted in all wool & mohair FAQs.


As to show appreciation and growth, LWC provide loans to farmers to help them enhance their animal husbandry.

We provide quality WOOL

Valuable Mohair & Conducive Storage

Lesotho Wool Center has the largest wool and mohair store across the continent which makes us the biggest wool brokers in Africa. Wool is also covered by insurance from the process of storing to the market in China and other destinations around the world.

About Wool Center

Also known as, Maseru Dawning (Pty) Ltd

The Maseru Dawning Company targets Lesotho’s holder wool and mohair producers and different wool and mohair associations. It aims to improve their livelihoods through improving the quality and quantity of wool and mohair that they produce.

Wool plays an important economic role as an earner of foreign exchange for Lesotho. As an export product, more than 90% of the total production is exported either as greasy wool or in semi-processed form as scoured and wool top.

Wool and Mohair Quality 98%
Employment Rate 75%
Environment Safety 100%
Proffesional Staff 85%

Meet the team

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Meet our Director stoneshi@lesothowool.co.ls

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Sales Consultant


Meet LWC Sales Consultant paul@lesothowool.co.ls

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Meet our Public Relations manama@lesothowool.co.ls

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What to know about us

Our Clients

  • Republic of China
  • Australia
  • India
  • Italy
  • Newzealand


  • Marketing
  • Accounts
  • Shipping
  • Store Services
  • Human Resource

Upcoming Projects

  • Rams and Ewes auction
  • Animal feeds
  • Wool and Mohair processing
  • Loans for Associations
  • Wool and Mohair trainings

Types of Wool

  • Merino
  • Lamb Wool
  • Wool
  • Cashmere
  • Mohair

Recent Projects

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Rams and Ewes

LWC also provides high quality Rams and ewes.

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Animal Hospital

Lesotho Wool Center is in a process of building animal clinic.

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Billies and Nannies

Farmers will be supplied with cashmere goats to produce high quality cashmere wool.

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Farm feeds

Animal feeds are sold at cheaper prices as a subsidy to farmers.

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Lamb raise

Lambs of high quality wool will be sold from the wool center.

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Wool production

Raw wool will be processed from different stages and exported as a finished product.

Lesotho Wool Center Co.

Largest wool and mohair brokers in Africa. LWC sells directly to the international buyers.

Visit Office

Thaba-Bosiu Lihaseng, Maseru

(+266) 5330-5425